In my workshops and retreats I always get asked what’s my biggest tip for new photographers just starting out. I have a few but these are what I believe are the most important ones, my go to tips for new photographers to grow a thriving photography business.  1. Show up authentically and consistently – it’s […]

The focus of the photoshoot is always on you, the client – but the background is important too. It’s going to be the backdrop to your family or maternity photo’s and it can make or break your shoot. When I send out my quotes to clients I include a location guide and within this are […]

You’re always behind the lens, capturing the everyday moments that make your heart sing, you look back on photos in your phone and marvel at how much your babies have grown!! Now it’s your turn, be captured, be with your children and have these memories to look back on in all the years to come, […]

I know taking bump pics is so important to you, because this is a part of your life you will never get back. What if there was a better way to taking photos other than selfies in the bathroom – what if you could have a professional photograph you to make you glow from the […]