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Aim Focus Shoot Podcast

The contract is available throughout Australia and can be edited in Word to suit you or your client’s needs once purchased. There are several benefits to purchasing one of my photography contracts.

  • Weddings - With sometimes hundreds of people in attendance, having a photography contract can give you peace of mind that expectations have been laid out beforehand and there will be no surprises or unexpected demands after the images have been taken.

  • Domestic and commercial clients - Personalise the photography contract template for Australia, allowing you and your clients to experience mutual benefits by laying out terms and conditions surrounding the images captured. Make changes to the contract with your client, reassuring them they are at the centre of your attention.

The Benefits of my Photography Contracts


This contract is in Word format, editable, customisable and includes instructions.

What's included: non-refundable booking fee, payment schedule requirements, artist rights on images, capturing desired images, booking confirmation, ensuring images are not altered in any way after delivery and much more.

This photography contract will cover weddings, commercial and domestic clients and is useable Australia-wide.

At Photos By Claire, I have developed professional photography contract that can lay out expectations with clients before a photo shoot takes place.

My in-demand contracts for photographers aim to ensure that the client and photographer are both aware of the expectations regarding the photos taken.

It also helps provide clarity regarding the conditions surrounding the use of the pictures by the client and the photographer after the photo shoot has ended.

Professional Photography Contracts

Here is some feedback from a recent 1:1 mentoring session I did with Claire Eileen Photography

What value did you receive from your mentoring session with Claire?

Some of the areas I got the most value from were, learning how to set up the room for a newborn session, how to best work with indoor lighting, best camera settings for newborns, how to capture the right angles, general tips like studio ninja, how to offer an upgrade to clients etc.

How has your mentoring with Claire impacted the confidence you have in your business?

Coming into the session I had 0 confidence in running a newborn session, I wouldn’t know where to start, what settings for shooting indoors, anything haha. I really wanted help on how to master a newborn workflow and that’s exactly what the mentoring gave me. I have some newborn sessions coming up and I’m so excited to put everything I learnt into practice!

Overall feedback, warm fuzzies, positive affirmations, what you loved about our time together :)

I had so much fun attending the 1;1 mentoring, and having the opportunity to shoot alongside you! Being able to go through each step of the process slowly and at my own pace was exactly what I was looking for, and overall it was just such a fun, dreamy, relaxed session. My confidence in running a newborn session has increased so much, I’m looking forward to doing one solo soon!!


What you walk away with:

You’ll be walking away with confidence. You’ll have shot alongside me, asking me questions along the way, capturing a styled shoot yourself.

⭐️ Gain images for your portfolio
⭐️ Connection to me and other photographers
⭐️ Geek out on photography chats
⭐️ Confidence around photoshoots
⭐️ Workflow of a photoshoot

I hope you can join me in person soon. Find out what workshops/shootouts are available today.

I’ve created these Workshops & Shootouts to give photographers like you the opportunity to shoot alongside me, to see my workflow and to ask me questions.

This is the perfect place to gain confidence in capturing images without any pressure to perform.

This is a safe space to ask questions while shooting and you’ll also have the added bonus of meeting like minded photographers to grow your network.

Based in Perth, Western Australia

Live Workshops, NEWBORN and Beach Photoshoots for Photographers



This is a free half-hour conversation with me. We can deep dive into your business goals and where I can support you in them.

So if you're ready to explore your potential, then I'd love to help you reach your photography business goals.