January 19, 2022

Claire Day

Maternity Photoshoot

I know taking bump pics is so important to you, because this is a part of your life you will never get back. What if there was a better way to taking maternity photos other than selfies in the bathroom – what if you could have a professional photograph you to make you glow from the inside out – to have these images to last a lifetime. To show your child when they’re older – hey, this is when you were in mummy’s tummy.

I know that being pregnant can feel uncomfortable, or you might not feel well the entire pregnancy, there are so many things that a woman’s body goes through to create this new life, but for just a moment, we get to capture you dressed in a beautiful gown with the sun’s glow behind you.  I get to celebrate you and create images for you to cherish forever.

When you look back on these images, you’ll forget the reflux and the swollen ankles – you’ll see a miracle, you’ll see your baby in your belly and be so grateful you booked this shoot in because you can never get this time back.  Once baby comes you’ll quickly move into the next phase of motherhood – and I can’t wait to capture you there too.

Claire x

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