June 1, 2022

Claire Day

Family Photoshoot

You’re always behind the lens, capturing the everyday moments that make your heart sing, you look back on family photos in your phone and marvel at how much your babies have grown!! Now it’s your turn, be captured, be with your children and have these memories to look back on in all the years to come, and for your children to remember the time they forgot. It’s my job to make this easy for you – let me show you how.

Ok so one of the most common statements my clients make to me are “I’m so uncomfortable in front of the camera” or “I don’t know what to do in front of the camera, I’m so awkward” and my response is that it’s my job to make you feel comfortable and don’t worry – most people feel that way, except for super models ha ha.

Your focus is on your family, and so is mine – I get you to interact with your partner and children in whatever way feels organic and natural to you. I want to capture that and I never ask for a smile, but I might ask for everyone to look at the camera – and it’s often the moment you fall out of a pose that is the best to capture.

The feedback I get from my clients is that the shoot was so fun, the shoot was much better than they expected – they were so nervous but the actual shoot took all that away and we had fun. This is my ultimate goal and I love surprising my clients.

Claire x

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