June 29, 2022

Claire Day

How to choose your shoot location

The focus of the photoshoot is always on you, the client – but the background is important too. It’s going to be the backdrop to your family or maternity photo‘s and it can make or break your shoot.

When I send out my quotes to clients I include a location guide and within this are examples of the locations I shoot at regularly. My most popular location is the beach and I think this is because we have the most incredible advantage of the sun setting over the ocean here in Perth plus we boast some of the most beautiful shorelines in the world.

I absolutely love getting my feet into the sand, listening to the waves crash and watching the sunset. There are many different looks we can get at the beach as well, the green of the dune scrub, the oat coloured long grass overlooking the ocean, the sand, the ocean – the different backdrops are literally endless when we are at the beach and I never tire of my clients in awe of our incredible sunsets.

Sometimes it can be windy by the beach but this has never been a problem because where I shoot there is so much coverage by the dunes so we can be really protected during the shoot. I love the movement wind brings to an image as well.

The other popular location I shoot at is the fields in Woodlands. This is such a beautiful spot and it overlooks a lake. It’s green in winter and oat coloured in summer – so much variety at this location as well.

I’m always open to shooting at locations which have special meaning to you or more convenient for you, my guide is simply a guide to give you some ideas. When you answer my questionnaire you have the option to choose one of my locations or you can choose your own.

One thing is for sure – no matter where you choose, we are going to create magic together, and I cannot wait!

Claire x

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