October 26, 2022

Claire Smith

My go to tips for new photographers starting their photography business journey!

In my workshops and retreats I always get asked what’s my biggest tip for new photographers just starting out. I have a few but these are what I believe are the most important ones, my go to tips for new photographers to grow a thriving photography business. 

1. Show up authentically and consistently – it’s how you build your know, like and trust factor for people to want to buy from you. 

2. Provide exceptional service which is worth making a remark about – return clients are the biggest compliment you can receive and something I personally pride myself on.

3.  Network in-person events and talk to people, tell them what you do – own it, and if you’re not talking about it then no one knows about you, and you will find it harder to generate leads. 

4. Keep going, even on the hard days! You can do it, and when you feel you can’t reach out to other photographers who are in business guarantee we have all had the same feelings you are having.  

5 Keep your eye on the prize, what do you want from this business? – Don’t let what’s going on around you distract you from what you want.

6. Create goals, and write them down every day, your brain wants to make this right for you, and having something to aim for keeps you going.

7.  Back yourself, believe in you!  Be your biggest supporter. The entrepenerur life can be lonely and you will be the hardest critic, so be your own cheerleader and take all the non perfect moments as lessons.

8. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, owning your own business is a self-development journey like no other – it will take you to places you didn’t know existed but I promise you if you put the work in it will be worth it.

Reach out to me on instagram if you need some support on this journey remember we all start somewhere and I would love to hear yours.

Claire x

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